I’ve been talking with women over 50 from around the U.S. over the past few months about their vision, goals, and obstacles. Each and every one wants to be part of the growing movement for personal and social transformation.

The women I speak with are preparing themselves for a new phase of life -- perhaps a late-life career change, perhaps retirement, perhaps moving to a new location; however, they often find it difficult to get started. They hesitate to take action because they are challenged by:

  • failures in the past
  • feeling like they’re too old
  • lack of a plan or lack of a cohesive vision
  • uncertainty about the 'right' actions to take
  • beliefs that “nothing will change because that’s how it’s always been!”

In response to their desire to make changes in their personal lives, have a positive impact on the world, and difficulty in motivating themselves toward action, I developed the Summer 2017 Special Strategy Sessions.

What really stands out for my current and previous clients is the depth and breadth of my knowledge base and the skills I've developed from my experiences with many of the difficulties women face during their lifetime. I've been there, done that, and I get it. My experiences, the time I've taken to integrate them, the research I've done to understand them, the compassion and kindness I've developed toward myself when I struggle and the pride I feel in my accomplishments are what make me the perfect coach for you. I'm not interested in telling you what to do, my answers are not your answers; however, I know that if I can do it ... so can you!

I help women over 50 design a blueprint for their next phase of life. You don’t have to figure this out all on your own, you can have someone with experience, understanding, and compassion help you manifest your vision!

"Emma was a great source of support for me as I was trying to make a career transition into a field I felt completely intimidated by. I had always been confident in my ability to navigate successfully through major life changes, but at this particular crossroads I was full of uncertainty and no longer trusted my own inner guidance. I had one foot in the past and the other foot wanting to step into something new, but I was too paralyzed by fear to make a choice about which direction to go.
Emma helped me to identify self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that were sabotaging my ability to come up with creative solutions to my challenges. The work that we did helped me to reconnect to my center and learn to trust myself again. I always left our sessions feeling rejuvenated and excited about attacking my goals. After nearly a year of unemployment and a string of closed doors our brief work together culminated in a greater sense of self-empowerment, clarity, and motivation to move forward—not to mention three freelance job opportunities, two of which were related to my new career field." Karissa L.

Each session will be tailored specifically to you. You will:

  • receive my support and mentoring to encourage you to take action that is in alignment with your personal strengths, values, dreams, and skills
  • gain clarity about how to take your strengths and turn them into action
  • identify where you're currently allowing your fears to stop you from taking small steps forward
  • design daily practices that keep you motivated and encouraged
  • leave with a fresh perspective and a plan of action that you can apply after our time together

Your Next Steps:

  1. Enroll below in the Summer 2017 Special Strategy Sessions.
    • You'll receive a comprehensive Blueprint Planning Workbook in an email along with instructions and suggestions. This Workbook will be the basis of our work together, so give it the time and attention you deserve.
    • I'll also send you a link to my online calendar to schedule your first session. Please be sure to give yourself enough time to complete the Workbook before our first session.
  2. We'll meet over the phone or via Skype for the first 60-minute session. At the end of our conversation, you'll have a plan of action to accomplish before your follow-up session 2 to 3 weeks later.
  3. During your 30-minute follow-up session we'll discuss any challenges, consider course corrections, and celebrate your success!

If you're ready to commit to yourself now, if you know that you are ready to make those changes you've been putting off for too long, if you want renew your sense of purpose and grab hold of life with both hands, register below and let's get started!

$322.00 One Time Investment

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Not sure? We can decide together if this is the right step for you to take at this time. Apply for a free Discovery Conversation with me. Act now to take advantage of the reduced price of $322.00. The cost goes up to the regular price on September 21 ... but ... more important, what's the cost to you of delaying your dreams?

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