My goal is to foster a safe space where each of my clients is able to reconnect with her innate joy, freedom, and power to create a satisfying and effective life that ripples out into the world.


"My experience working with Emma has been very inspiring. After every session, I have a great sense of clarity and confidence. She is extremely dedicated to providing unique solutions that are in line with each client’s own motivations, skills, and values." Karen C.

After my first coaching session with Emma, I knew - without a doubt - her guidance will be instrumental in my forthcoming development. Emma's insight into my situation was spot on and I loved how she helped me clarify my situation. I look forward to implementing Emma's great advice and techniques as I continue my path in building my business. Since our session, with Emma's guidance and support, I decided to enroll in a continuing education course. You see, Emma reminded of one thing: I am only limited by the limits I imagine. ~ Melissa D.

I really enjoyed our coaching session. I had two take-aways that I immediately put into practice: Be authentic and create a positive result. I remind myself of these daily as I tackle new situations and projects. Thank you! ~ Katherine C.

"Emma was a great source of support for me as I was trying to make a career transition into a field I felt completely intimidated by. I had always been confident in my ability to navigate successfully through major life changes, but at this particular crossroads I was full of uncertainty and no longer trusted my own inner guidance. I had one foot in the past and the other foot wanting to step into something new, but I was too paralyzed by fear to make a choice about which direction to go.
Emma helped me to identify self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that were sabotaging my ability to come up with creative solutions to my challenges. The work that we did helped me to reconnect to my center and learn to trust myself again. I always left our sessions feeling rejuvenated and excited about attacking my goals. After nearly a year of unemployment and a string of closed doors our brief work together culminated in a greater sense of self-empowerment, clarity, and motivation to move forward—not to mention three freelance job opportunities, two of which were related to my new career field." Karissa L.

"Emma is a master at listening powerfully and discovering the true causes of my struggles. My self-awareness, personal growth and emotional regulation has skyrocketed with Emma. Emma is a consummate professional and treats me with respect and dignity. Both her extensive professional and personal experiences are an asset for her coaching. Regardless of my issue, I can trust that she has probably experienced it too, which is helpful as a client to feel heard, acknowledged and understood." Allison G.